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Education Catering

Education Catering

When providing catering and food services to schools, colleges and universities, we take extra care tothe nourishment of young minds and bodies.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diets have a direct impact on a schoolchild’s performance.Good nutrition through healthy and balanced mealsmakes for optimum academic achievement, focus and concentration.Through our catering services for schools, we offer nutritious and delicious food experiences to schoolchildren of all age groups and academic levels according to their nutrition needs.

Feeding the next generation

Catering to young taste buds can be a challenging task. In our work, it is very important to use only fresh wholesome, ingredients and modern cooking methods to produce tasty and diverse food options to support their growth, development and learning every step of the way.

Food safety

Our facilities follow the most stringent health and food safety standards in line with local regulations to maintain a clean, safe and secure environment in which to prepare meals. Paying attention to safe food handling practices, correct temperatures and colour-coded tools and equipment to prevent cross-contamination or infection, our kitchens and food prep amenities are world-class.

Campus Life

The food scene plays a huge part of a student’s on-campus experience. The dining facilities and services on school grounds offering various cuisines are deciding factors when choosing at which university to study. We provide a wide range of food solutions to student bodies in university campuses across Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

On-Campus Dining

Our on-campus dining and facilities management services provide unique eating experiences that contribute to a healthy school community, not just for students, but also teachers, academic faculty and staff. We combine expertise in culinary experience, and couple it with innovation, data and design to create colourful menus and food options that fit into a university student’s lifestyle.