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Government Sector

Our government sector catering offers a wide range of international cuisines and satisfies the most discerning of palates, bearing in mind cultural tastes and preferences. Our world-class operations tend to government entities, local departments, embassies and consulates.

Government Food Services and Facilities Management
Powering a Positive Public Sector

For the demanding public sector, we provide a wide spectrum of food and facilities management services to government entities and facilities across the UAE, on the federal, emirate and municipal levels. In partnering with government organizations, we support the performance of public service employees who in turn serve citizens and residents.

Smooth Service

We know that fast, efficient and unobtrusive facilities management and food service is essential to the smooth running of a critical government agency’s operations. Which is why we are committed to delivering only the best services to support military, and justice organizations, local police and law enforcement bodies, prisons, central and local government agencies and facilities, in line with government requirements and guidelines.

Strategic Partnerships with the Government

In order to support public sector personnel, we collaborate with local justice and prison organizations to provide facilities management, maintenance and food support. Such partnerships help improve lives and create safer communities.

Furthermore, our knowledgeable teams handle the operations side and the details of food service and facilities management of those government administrations, thus ensuring better livelihoods and future prospects.

We strive to establish strategic long-term partnerships with our government and public sector clients, and we are always ready to work with government and public agencies in line with unwavering government safety, IT and legal requirements.