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Ship Supplies

Ship Supplies

Our ship supplies and catering to ships and leisure cruises means we feed thousands at a given point in time, on land and at sea.

Leisure and Luxury Cruises

Our food services and facilities management operations cater to ships, large boats and other vessels at sea. Luxury or all-inclusive cruises as big as ten hotels require large amounts of food supplies on a daily basis to feed guests on-board with plenty to spare in case of an emergency or force majeure.

Ships are at sea often for long periods of time sometimes reaching months on end and up to a year or more. Therefore, we employee well-developed logistics and supply chain solutions to manage supply to a docking ship that will cover a thousand guests easily. Whether in restaurants, coffee shops, on deck or in cabin, our food and facility services are there offering a whole spectrum of culinary choices and world-class cuisines to suit a wide scope of palates.

Food safety at Sea

We work with the stern guidelines set out by the local health and food safety standards organisations to ensure the passengers’ health and wellbeing to ensure smooth sailing throughout a trip to sea and back home.