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Oil & gas Catering & Support Services

Our food catering services for the Oil & Gas industry caters to the needs of remote workers on rigs and pumping sites.

The oil and gas, energy and mining industries operate at higher bars than the average industry standard. Which is why we provide our teams the tools they need to be your daily partners, mitigating and managing issues and requirements as well as finding solutions every day.

Remote Rigs

We provide remote site services management and offshore outsourcing run by our experience in integrated facilities management and catering. We use international Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) developed specially for heavy mining and industrial camps with rugged conditions to ensure a smooth operation.

Health & Safety

Moreover, the health and safety of employees is our number one priority. With us as your partner, you can be sure to reduce and manage risk, eliminate hazards and overall operate with less disruption, as well as handle obstacles swiftly and effectively even in challenging environments.

Unique Services

Our work supports your work; whether at sea, on land or at HQ. Each facility has its own unique needs and requirements, and we have a range of food and facilities management service packages to fit your requirements.

Smart Choices

For further ease and convenience, wherever your employees are stationed, they can also benefit from extra services on hand. From self-serve checkouts, and staff-less booths and vending machines, they can find their foods of choice even at an isolated location. With our latest technology, operations are guided so that services are carried out only when needed, rather than being automated, which can waste time and are costly, thus making your day-to-day operations and facilities maintenance more efficient.

Renewed Energy

The energy and its derivatives industry is fast-evolving one. By partnering innovation with sound experience, we help you tackle tomorrow’s environmental challenges.